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What if you could feel a great sensation of completeness slowly recovering your youthful physical appearance, performance and health by repairing the once damaged fabric of your DNA due to the process of aging in the cells in your body?

How differently would you plan and live your life now if you could revolutionary increase the quantity of your time, energy and benefits in this planet than you had initially expected?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have more time to enjoy honestly more of the things you desire? Things such as wealth, health and excellent relationships with your loved ones and the things you love doing without any hurry?

Stop struggling to adjust yourself to the speed of the events in your life. Allow yourself to enjoy the benefits of living your life at your pace freely. This is the purpose of the existence of our products.

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Shirley S Wang
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DNA Repair & Recovery Treatment is Not so Much of an Option, but It is just a matter of which one. Your evolution starts here!


The effectiveness (bioavailability) of our products surpasses any product in the market today. T-CellActive revolutionary proprietary formula is designed to enhance the bioavailability of the miracle molecule and bring the results you are expecting. Please do not hesitate to check out our product review’s page or the wall of proof for more information.

Quality Control

As a responsible company, it is our moral duty to inform you that it is not easy for consumers to realize that, at any time, cheap low quality material based products are in circulation. This is nothing but a natural side effect of a globalized business habitat. These unethical products are perfectly well packaged and disguised as high quality grade products worthy of paying a hefty price.

Pride & Policy

We have pride in our “No unrelated commercial additives or fillers of any kind, shape or form is used” policy. People want results from the products they buy especially when they are expensive. We honestly believe that if there is no real, honest value offered, there is no purpose for that company to be in business. T-CellActive’s policy guarantees the precise delivery of the value you desire.


Our products are evolving as new discoveries are made. Enjoy the benefits of constant revisions and updates to the formula rendering our product better today than any time or product of yesterday. We truly believe that we offer the highest value available in the market by exceeding the expectations of our customers. Our mission is nothing more than making the dreams of the past a reality of today.

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“Pondering upon the possibility of my life shortening troubled me. There are still a lot of things I want to do. I started looking for a possible solution and suddenly bumped into Sean Kim’s website. Knowing about how telomerase can lengthen your life span entices me so I tried the product. After almost a month of using it a big changed happened. I used to get tired after an hour of surfing the waves but after using T-cell active I can do surfing for almost three hours straight. From then on I continued using it until the moment. Great job!”
“I’ve been aware of my health condition since I remember how to distinguish what’s good and bad for one’s health. But I was shocked that there is something that I did not know. Sean Kim’s website about telomerase was blogged by a friend of mine and that was where it all started. After reading everything about how the protective tip of our DNA shortens together with our life span, my health conscious mind kicked in. I immediately bought T-cell active which according to the blog was the solution to the shortening of the telomerase and I guess you knew what happened next.”

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Enjoy the benefits of living your life at your own pace. Start activation now.
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